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Jocko Publishing was founded in 2018 as solution to a traditional publishing industry that lacked the speed and maneuverability needed for today's consumers and authors.


It all began when retired Navy SEAL, top podcast host, leadership icon and New York Times best-selling author, Jocko Willink went to his publisher with a brand new children’s book, Mikey and the Dragons, hell-bent on getting it out by Christmas. Problem was, the calendar was approaching fall and his publisher—one of the industry’s biggest—simply couldn’t turn the project around in time. Their answer was a polite ‘We’re sorry, but no.”


Jocko reached out to his contacts in the industry, turning that ‘No’ into a “Go” by launching Jocko Publishing with Mikey and the Dragons as its maiden effort. The result: Mikey and the Dragons was out for pre-order by Thanksgiving and in consumers hands for the Holidays.



We are nimble, we are driven and we publish top-quality books that defy publishing cycles and out-dated approaches. We aim to tell stories from authors that live a Get After It lifestyle for readers looking to do the same. To boot, all of our books are printed and assembled in the United States of America.

Are you an author with a story to tell? Check out our submission guidelines here

Are you a retailer interested in distributing or selling or books? Contact us here

Are you an organization or nonprofit looking to purchase a title(s) in bulk? Contact us here


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