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Jocko Publishing is a publisher of books for those that Get After It. This means we are primarily looking for authors with stories to tell that empower readers to be smarter, stronger and better.


We are looking for previously unpublished adult, non-fiction and memoirs focusing on, but not exclusive to, the following subjects: 



Combat Sports

Historical Non-Fiction


Life Lessons

Self Optimization

Health & Fitness

We can provide editing, layout, design, ghostwriting and illustration services to ensure your work is optimized for audience and sales engagement.


We can provide copies of our titles in bulk at a wholesale discount to retailers and distributors both great and small. Please contact us here through the below link with your query and we will respond in a timely manner.


If you are an educational organization, library or a non/not for profit and interested in partnering with us to use any of our titles to augment your cause or effort contact us through the below link


Looking to connect? Have a question? Suggestion? Are you a member of the media looking to review, interview or provide other coverage? Shoot away via the below link.

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